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What makes NEDT better then our competition?

The key differentiator between New England Disposal Technologies, Inc. (NEDT) and the competition is NEDT's understanding of, and devotion to, customer service. We understand that customer service is more than being on time and on budget. This is what our customers pay us for. Unfortunately, many of our competitors have forgotten this.

At NEDT, we believe that customer service means going the extra mile, doing more than what is expected, and always remembering that without our customers there is no reason for NEDT to be in business. Our job to make your job less complicated. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide you with cost effective alternatives where they are available and to do everything in our power to be as flexible as possible to meet your scheduling needs.

NEDT is not an outgrowth of an oil pollution control business like so many of its competitors. Our company began as a small group of chemists sampling, packaging, and managing the disposal of hazardous chemical waste. This experience allowed the company to develop a customer base that knew they could depend on NEDT to manage their waste by-products safely and responsibly. Our growth from this humble beginning has been in response to the needs and requests of our customers.

As NEDT continues to grow, technical expertise and customer service will continue to remain the cornerstones of our operations.

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