In Massachusetts and other New England states, the Departments of Public Works provide essential and often messy work to their municipalities. Sometimes, this includes the generation and storage of hazardous waste, from vehicle and facility maintenance to dealing with oil-contaminated water in catch basins. At NEDT, we’re proud to be partners with the Department of Public Works in multiple municipalities in MA and beyond. Learn more about us below.

NEDT is an MA OSD Approved FAC110 Contract Vendor

NEDT is a contract holder of the FAC110 from the MA Operational Services Division (OSD), in charge of state procurement. MA state contracts are designated by a service abbreviation and contract number. FAC is for “Facilities Maintenance, Repairs and Services,” and 110 in the contract for “Hazardous/Universal, Medical, and Electronic Waste Disposal and Emergency Response.” In short, it allows us to handle hazardous waste for any state facilities, specifically for hazardous waste of any of these named categories:

  • Category 1: Hazardous Materials Collection and Disposal
  • Category 9b: Tanks, Above Ground and Underground Storage (AST/UST)
  • Category 10: Emergency Response

To learn more about the FAC110 Contract, download this PDF from the website.

Common Services for Departments of Public Works

So, what does the above contract and categories translate into for Departments of Public Works (DPWs) in Massachusetts? We leverage our years of experience and wide breadth of skilled staff, equipment, and vehicles to provide:

Hazardous Waste Transportation & Disposal

Whether it’s one drum or a full truckload of hazardous waste, we’ve got the capacity and logistics for hazardous waste disposal. Laboratory chemicals, contaminated soils, drums, or tanks—NEDT has the personnel and equipment to complete the job quickly and efficiently in compliance with hazardous waste regulations.

24/7 Emergency Chemical & Oil Spill Response

When an oil or chemical spill happens, you can count on NEDT for a quick, professional response and clean-up services. Since 1995, NEDT has responded to thousands of chemical and oil spills. Whether your emergency is on the road, at work, or at a residence, NEDT has the experience and know-how to quickly come to the rescue.

Maintenance and Cleaning Services

NEDT not only knows how to transport and dispose of hazardous waste but also to clean it up, from contaminated site remediation to regular maintenance and cleaning of catch basins, oil/water separators, and industrial machinery. We also have specialized confined space training and equipment for tank cleaning and removal and related projects.

Learn more about our services on our dedicated Department of Public Works page.

Regardless of your situation, from dealing with Very Small Quantity Generators to contamination from a natural disaster, NEDT can help Departments of Public Works keep their facilities free of hazardous waste, provide consultation on storage and maintenance, and deal with the unexpected before it becomes an environmental hazard. Contact us today to learn more and how we can help you, your local businesses, and even residential communities.