• NEDT emergency spill response at site of spilled tanker truck.

    When disaster strikes, whether it’s an overturned oil tanker or a breached chemical tank, you need true 24/7 emergency spill response. But what goes into that, and what do you need after that initial containment and cleaning? Today we’re going to show you why NEDT is New England’s premier spill responder for agencies, businesses, and individuals, managing every aspect of

  • NEDT Technician in hazmat suit working in contaminated site.

    If you’re starting the process of getting a site remediated, whether it’s getting it analyzed for contaminants or receiving a final opinion on the course of action, the next step is to start the site remediation project itself. But what does it entail and who is needed to complete it? Below we’ll be going over common contaminants, the steps in

  • Lineup of NEDT's Hazardous Waste Disposal and Transportation truck fleet.

    What factors are the most important in a hazardous waste disposal company? While costs are obviously a concern, there are other qualities that can make your experience and service a better one, including improved hazardous waste transportation options and a more efficient disposal pipeline. Today, we’re going to go over what to look for in a hazardous waste disposal company,

  • When a disaster strikes your facility, NEDT is there to help. We’ve spent years dealing with disaster response, disaster recovery, and disaster management, along with related fields of site remediation, industrial cleaning and maintenance, and hazardous waste transportation and disposal, so we thought it was time to showcase these skills on a new page: NEDT’s Disaster Recovery & Management Services

  • Our motto at New England Disposal Technologies is “Because Hazardous Waste Shouldn’t Be Difficult!” It’s the reason we were founded and also the reason behind this blog. Education about hazardous waste and related issues is as important as fixing them, so we thought we’d do both. This first post outlines what you can expect from this hazardous waste management blog,