When disaster strikes, whether it’s an overturned oil tanker or a breached chemical tank, you need true 24/7 emergency spill response. But what goes into that, and what do you need after that initial containment and cleaning? Today we’re going to show you why NEDT is New England’s premier spill responder for agencies, businesses, and individuals, managing every aspect of the spill from fast emergency response to remediation to interfacing with agencies and your insurance so you don’t have to.

Types of Emergency Spill Response

Since 1995, NEDT has responded to thousands of chemical and oil spills. Whether your emergency is on the road, at work, or at home, we’ve got the right equipment and staff to respond quickly.

  • State & Municipal Spill Response: We work as a contractor with both MA agencies and local municipalities (including Public Works) for emergency spill response and other hazardous waste services.
  • Commercial & Industrial Spill Response: We work with New England businesses, including industrial, trucking, and commercial enterprises as emergency contacts and as part of a response plan.
  • Residential Spill Response: Chemical and oil spills can happen at home as well! NEDT is often brought in to help with spills such as furnace fuel spills. Learn more on our residential blog here.

The Trucks, Equipment & Staff Needed for Spills

The ability to respond to an emergency like a chemical or oil spill around the clock takes a lot of training, equipment, vehicles, and staff to do right. They need to be ready for all conditions, from a blazing hot summer to treacherously icy winters.

Spill Response Trucks & Equipment

Fast response means additional damage can be mitigated and recovery efforts sped up. We combine fast response trucks to work with emergency responders for initial containment, inspection, and cordoning, along with vacuum trucks to remove the spill and make way for heavy earth movers for the remediation stages (see below).

Staff & Training

Our response staff and contractors have been responding to emergency chemical and oil spills for over 25 years. With that experience comes the right personal equipment and procedures to ensure every response goes smoothly and is documented at every step.

Dealing with Spill Aftermath and Paperwork

Once the initial crisis has passed—the spill contained, the tanker truck towed, or the chemical tank removed—there’s still work to be done. This is where NEDT shines. We’ve both a deep knowledge of decontamination efforts and a long-standing relationship with the federal, state, and local agencies for notifications and submittals, including:

  • Site Decontamination: We have dedicated site remediation staff and equipment, including for above- and below-ground, soil remediation, and even water decontamination. Learn more about these services here and in our blog, What Does a Site Remediation Project Include?
  • Deep Pool of Contractors: We work with the best contractors in New England, meaning we can find the right environmental consultant, engineer, or construction contractor for your needs and budget.
  • Notifications & Paperwork: A lot of paperwork is generated from a spill. We manage it all for you, from state and federal regulatory notifications and submittals to interfacing with your insurance company for coverage and payments.

When an oil or chemical spill happens, you can count on NEDT for quick, professional response and clean-up services. Our teams are always ready and prepared, and we’ve built our business around our customers’ needs. We’ll work for you so you can recover quickly. We have helped thousands in emergency situations and can do the same for you. Contact us today to learn more, calling us at 1.800.698.1865 for an immediate response or to build us into your next emergency response plan.