• NEDT technician filling out hazardous waste forms for transportation and disposal.

    In Massachusetts and other New England states, the Departments of Public Works provide essential and often messy work to their municipalities. Sometimes, this includes the generation and storage of hazardous waste, from vehicle and facility maintenance to dealing with oil-contaminated water in catch basins. At NEDT, we’re proud to be partners with the Department of Public Works in multiple municipalities

  • NEDT staff lower a large industrial tank onto a flatbed after tank removal.

    While storage tanks, from chemical to oil to greywater, play a vital role in many commercial and industrial facilities, their maintenance, cleaning, and removal represent large investments in both skilled labor and equipment. Having a team on hand to assist, from regular cleaning and spill response to the required expertise and vehicles for removal, is critical to keeping a business

  • Our motto at New England Disposal Technologies is “Because Hazardous Waste Shouldn’t Be Difficult!” It’s the reason we were founded and also the reason behind this blog. Education about hazardous waste and related issues is as important as fixing them, so we thought we’d do both. This first post outlines what you can expect from this hazardous waste management blog,