While storage tanks, from chemical to oil to greywater, play a vital role in many commercial and industrial facilities, their maintenance, cleaning, and removal represent large investments in both skilled labor and equipment. Having a team on hand to assist, from regular cleaning and spill response to the required expertise and vehicles for removal, is critical to keeping a business running smoothly. Learn how NEDT handles the dirty job of tank removal and tank cleaning with minimal disruptions and downtimes with our wide array of services.

The Work Behind Tank Removal Projects

Removing a tank, especially a tank containing hazardous chemicals or oil, is no easy process. These can be lengthy projects, requiring steps before, during, and after cleanup with specialized skills and equipment. You’ll need:

  • Project Management: With so many moving parts and liabilities, these projects need to be managed, from initial conversations and goals to planning out the steps and execution and getting the people and equipment where and when they need to be.
  • Tank Preparation: In many cases, these tanks will need to be emptied and cleaned before moving, requiring confined space entry. Underground tanks will require Dig Safe® notification, and additional required local and state permits may need to be obtained.
  • Tank Removal: Removing the tank requires heavy equipment, from decoupling pipes and removing supports to digging out below-ground tanks and hoisting them onto flatbeds for safe transportation and disposal.
  • Approved Disposal: Depending on the type of tank and its contents, both the tank and residual tank contents may need to be transported and disposed of as hazardous waste at an approved disposal facility.
  • Site Remediation: From simple grading to contamination cleanup, the state of your tank and spills of any hazardous contents may require specialized site remediation before the area can be used for new installations.

Tank Cleaning and Industrial Maintenance

Of course, even if you don’t need a tank removed, regular cleaning and maintenance are needed for a tank to function well and avoid emergency spills and seepage that can cause contamination and halt operations. While we offer full industrial cleaning and maintenance services as well as emergency chemical and oil spill response, tank cleaning takes specific skills from both areas, as well as training in confined space entry and protective equipment.

Why is Confined Space Entry Training So Important?

Companies performing tank confined space entries are required to perform their own rescue operations should a worker get hurt inside the tank and need to be evacuated. Local fire departments no longer support these rescue operations, so NEDT employees receive 16 hours per year of confined space rescue training plus CPR  training ensuring our staff is ready and prepared to respond to a rescue event.

What to Look for in Tank Removal and Cleaning Specialists

So, when picking a tank removal contractor or tank cleaning company, what should you look for? NEDT has been in this business for over 25 years. Our secret? It’s all about:

A Focus on Customer Service

Our goal is to make every project, regardless of complexity, easy for the customer. We work to solve your problem, provide advice, and explain solutions every step of the way. We balance our customers’ liabilities, costs, and quick recovery times.

The Right Tools and Trucks for Tanks

Just as we have the right tools for hazardous waste removal and transportation, as a large company, you have access to the specific tools needed for your situation—rather than getting stuck in a one-size-fits-all approach. Every type of tank and installation, we’ve got a solution to.

Hazardous Waste Training and Safety Excellence

At the core of our commitment to our employees is providing them with the best training and safety possible, which is evident in every project we do for customers. And we’re proud of being incident-free for over 1000 days (a milestone we celebrated last year). This training makes customer projects safer.

So, if you need help with tank removal and tank cleaning, it’s time to contact NEDT. We provide a customer-focused experience with full project management with a highly skilled and equipped workforce. Learn more about our other related services, such as hazardous waste transportation and disposal, industrial cleaning and maintenance, site remediation, emergency spill response, and disaster recovery. Because tank cleaning and removal shouldn’t be difficult.