While regular cleaning at an industrial facility might be handled in-house or by a commercial janitorial service, for major industrial cleaning projects and emergencies, you need an industrial cleaning expert. From deep clean projects like elevator shafts and process lines to emergency decontamination and tank removal, learn how the experts at NEDT minimize the disruption and downtime so you can get back to business with safer work conditions and machinery.

Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance

Whether it’s a regularly scheduled cleaning, a deep clean project, or an emergency, you need an industrial cleaning expert with the staff, equipment, vehicles, and expertise to see the project done with minimal downtime and disruption to your services. Some of NEDT’s industrial cleaning and maintenance services include:

·         Confined Space Entry

·         Elevator Shaft Cleanouts

·         Industrial and HEPA Vacuuming

·         Oil/Water Separator Cleaning

·         Acid Neutralization Tanks Cleaning

·         Process Line Cleaning

·         Lagoon and Pit Cleaning

·         Industrial Pressure Washing

·         Equipment Cleaning and Decontamination


Inspection, Preventive Work, and Emergency Response

Of course, to improve safety and limit downtime, you need more than just the regular cleaning and maintenance of your equipment—you also need to plan and be ready for everything from breakdowns to shutdowns. We’ll work with you, inspecting your facility and safety plans, suggesting preventive maintenance and changes, and implementing an emergency response plan.

27/7 Emergency Spill Response

We provide emergency spill response for the MA government, businesses, and individuals, including chemical and oil response on the road, at work, or at home. This includes preparing all the required regulatory notifications and submittals to federal, state, and local agencies and interfacing with your insurance company.

Disaster Recovery and Management

Sometimes, industrial cleaning is part of an emergency. NEDT provides comprehensive disaster recovery and management services, from helping plan for the worst to cleaning up the worst. From our access to the best contractors and specialists in New England to our long-term working relationship with governmental oversight, our goal is to limit damage and speed up recovery.

Specialist Projects & Remediation

Unlike other industrial cleaning services, we’ve also got the tools, trucks, and contractors for truly hazardous projects for industrial sites and waste, thereby allowing us to offer the following services:

What sets NEDT apart from other industrial cleaning services is our deep pool of experience, equipment, and state certifications in Massachusetts to cover any eventuality from your projects. Whether the work is planned or an emergency, we will quickly complete your industrial maintenance project with minimum disruption to your operations. Using our 25+ years of project experience, we’ll collaborate with you to develop work plans that suit your timetable and budget. Contact us today to learn more and get started.