When a disaster strikes your facility, NEDT is there to help. We’ve spent years dealing with disaster response, disaster recovery, and disaster management, along with related fields of site remediation, industrial cleaning and maintenance, and hazardous waste transportation and disposal, so we thought it was time to showcase these skills on a new page: NEDT’s Disaster Recovery & Management Services page. Below, we’ll go over the services in more detail, including what disaster recovery and disaster management entail and why working with NEDT can make the difference in your situation.

Understanding Disaster Recovery & Disaster Management

There are two parts of the same issue: disaster recovery is the hard work of limiting damage and restoring functionality to a facility, while disaster management is a broader preparation and planning process before a disaster strikes. Learn more about both below.

What Is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery is the process of evaluating and remediating the damage of a disaster. As the name implies, this only occurs after a disaster (see disaster management below for proactive measures), with the goal of quickly restoring the site, limiting additional damage, and bringing the facility back online. Depending on the type of damage and complications of hazardous waste, this can extend to governmental oversight.

What Is Disaster Management?

While disaster recovery is a process, disaster management is a plan—many plans, in fact, that help effectively prepare for and respond to disasters. Especially when it comes to industrial facilities that already have many safety plans in place, having disaster management in place just makes sense to better prepare for disaster prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Working with NEDT for Disaster Response

As NEDT provides both disaster recovery and management services, we can be your primary point of contact when it comes to dealing with a disaster.

  • Years of Experience: We have almost 30 years of experience in the fields of hazardous waste management, site remediation, emergency spill response, and disaster response.
  • Training & Equipment: We have skilled technicians and responders—especially crucial in early stages—and the equipment to support them, such as hazardous gear and a truck fleet.
  • Skilled Contractors: We have access to a high-level team of contractors for all your needs, like asbestos mitigation, engineering, demolition, construction, and facility shutdowns.
  • Regulatory Agency Relationships: Our years of interaction and partnership with governmental agencies means we know the departments, people, and regulations you’ll be dealing with.
  • Focus on Quick Recovery: We know that downtime for businesses is crippling. We work to quickly complete your disaster recovery project with minimal disruption to operations.

Whether you’re looking to deal with an immediate disaster, remediate an old site, or better plan for the future, NEDT can help you. We’ve built a reputation with our personalized service, reliability, flexibility, and history of successful projects in all we do. From planned decontamination to emergency response, we’ll use our years of project experience to develop work plans that suit your timetable and budget. Contact us today, including directly by 1.800.698.1865, or email us directly at Sales@nedtinc.com for a free consultation.