Our motto at New England Disposal Technologies is “Because Hazardous Waste Shouldn’t Be Difficult!” It’s the reason we were founded and also the reason behind this blog. Education about hazardous waste and related issues is as important as fixing them, so we thought we’d do both. This first post outlines what you can expect from this hazardous waste management blog, who it’s for, and additional educational resources and links to get you started—whether you’re a business, department, or even a homeowner.

What Is in This Blog?

Much like our name suggests, this blog will cover many topics related to disposal, running the gamut of everything from the reactive services of hazardous waste transportation and disposal to the proactive services of industrial maintenance and cleaning. Major categories include:

Who Is This Blog For?

Since our company serves a diverse range of clients, this blog will aim to do the same. Here at NEDT, we work with governmental departments on both the state and local levels, including individual townships; industrial corporations with large production sites; and enterprise-level businesses with hazardous waste disposal needs—just to name a few. If you have issues with hazardous waste, whether it’s producing it, cleaning it up, or preventing it, we can help in this blog and within New England states.

Massachusetts and Beyond

While we’re physically located in Massachusetts and have many existing programs geared towards local municipalities and residents, we offer many of these services throughout New England. Contact us to learn how we can help in your area.

Home Hazardous Waste Services

If you’re looking for residential services, check out our NEDT.org Household Hazardous Products Collection Center page. It even has its own blog for home-based hazardous waste and related businesses.

Additional Resources About Hazardous Waste

With our stated goal of education about hazardous waste and related issues, we want to provide additional resources beyond this blog. Below are some useful links to state and federal resources as well as other parts of our websites.

We hope you’ll find this blog and all its regular posts helpful for navigating the world of hazardous waste and related topics like remediation, industrial cleaning, and chemical spill & emergency response. If you have any questions about our services or the assistance we can provide, please contact NEDT. We’ve been helping deal with hazardous waste since 1995 and would like to support you too.